This website is all about mid-19th Century Banjo music. In between the mysterious sounds of the early gourd banjo music played by plantation slaves, and the higher development of the Classic Banjo Style lay a vast ocean of music in the "sweet spot". It was a time of discovery, experimentation, and development. The music and the instruments progressed as attempts to codify a folk expression grew through print music and live performance. 
      I have played virtually every piece in the banjo tutors found in the resources of the Library of Congress and at various University Libraries available online, between the period of 1850 and 1870. Of note is the work of Frank B. Converse, who had a hand in the earliest publications in 1855 and culminated his work in the Analytical Method of 1886. It is that work (The Analytical) which provides the inspiration for my exploration. 

About Me         
     I was born in Adrian, Michigan in 1957. It was when I was ten years old that I caught the music bug and began playing guitar. One thing led to another, and I ended up with a Classical Guitar degree from Eastern Michigan University, and a certificate from the original G.I.T. (Guitar Institute of Technology) in Los Angeles. I began teaching when i was 18 years old. When I was 29, I opened my music store in Milford Michigan. Over the years I have performed in almost every venue imaginable.
     Sometime after Y2K, I was exposed to the music of the Civil War at a reenactment. I was captivated. This led to the discovery of the fretless banjo, its music, and also the history. I placed myself right into the middle of the 19th Century with no preparation, nor prejudiced ears of any kind. My ability to read music was an asset as I played every notated piece of music for the banjo I could get my hands on. 
    This site is the result of my ongoing exploration. I have three main works published, and one more in the works. The main products I have are for sale, but the collection of original works is freely shared here, until such a time as I assemble it into a final work.

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    Early Banjo Complete​​
     A mind-boggling collection of 19th-century banjo music on a thumb drive! ALL the instrumentals from the principal tutors published between 1855 and 1872, plus the banjo section of the Converse Analytical Banjo Method of 1887. It totals 496 tunes, HOURS AND HOURS of the source music for banjo, all MP3 files easy to download and to use as you see fit. PLUS as a bonus, you get nine original tutors as matched by the recordings. These are pdf files of the original music. The banjo music is all solo, and played true to the score.
     Early Banjo Primer​​
     Expanded 3rd Edition! Improved layout and more in-depth instruction. "A primer for learning the minstrel banjo of the 19th century - easy-to-follow tunes, edited, compiled and performed by Tim, for the beginner and intermediate banjo player." Includes a faithful reproduction of the entire "Winner's 1864 Banjo Book" AND a flash drive! containing videos that explain and demonstrate all the techniques in the book, as well as audio for ALL the printed music. A complete and concise course for the REAL old-time banjo-playing style!
     Buckley 1868 Bundle ​​
     Tablature transcriptions of every instrumental tune - fully 102 in all - published in this 19th-century classic of printed banjo music! "This book contains music that crosses over from the old Stroke Style into what would be considered a more refined Guitar Style... I find the content to be unique in its transitional quality, with one foot in the older tradition and one in the newer progressive style."
Included for a limited time is the flash drive with complete audio recordings and the original book in pdf format.

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